Where did Antony Blinken go to College?

Antony Blinken

Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign hired Blinken as a foreign policy adviser. Bloomberg News announced on November 22, 2020, that Biden had chosen Blinken as his choice for Secretary of State.

The New York Times and other news organizations eventually confirmed these reports. “We can’t fix all the world’s issues alone [and] we need to be collaborating with other countries,”

Blinken stated on November 24, when he was named as Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State.

“Democracy is in decline around the world, and sadly, it’s also in retreat at home because of the president taking a two-by-four to its institutions, ideals, and people every day,” he said in a September 2020 interview with the Associated Press.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s confirmation hearing for Blinken started on January 19, 2021.

The committee voted 15–3 on January 25 to confirm his nomination. Blinken was confirmed by a vote of 78–22 in the Senate on January 26.

Later that day, Blinken took the oath of office as Secretary of State.

After Lawrence Eagleburger and Warren Christopher in 1992 and 1993, respectively, he became the third former deputy secretary of state to serve as Secretary of State.

Where did Antony Blinken go to College?

Anthony Bliken was a student at  Harvard University from the years 1980 to 1984. Anthony Bliken graduated from Columbia Law School with a  Juris Doctor degree in 1988.


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