Where Does Chris Matheson Live?

Chris Matheson

Chris Matheson is currently serving as the Labour MP for Chester. In May 2015, he defeated Conservative MP Stephen Mosley and won the seat with a margin of only 93 votes. However, that majority grew to 9,176 votes when he successfully defended the seat in the general election of 2017.

Chris Matheson was shadow Minister for Media from 2020 to 2021.

Where Does Chris Matheson Live?

Matheson was born in 1968 and spent most of his childhood in the countryside of Cheshire. He and his family currently make their home in Hoole.

Matheson is a graduate of the London School of Economics and was a manager in the power sector before being elected as MP. 

Matheson voted for Keir Starmer in the race for the leadership of the Labour Party in 2020. Previously, he had supported Owen Smith in his challenge to Jeremy Corbyn in 2016.

After the Brexit referendum in 2016, Matheson was a major advocate of a Second Vote, often known as the People’s Vote. He has previously called the referendum as a “right-wing coup.”

Christian Matheson is the leader of the Aerospace APPG and a vice chair of the APPGs for Fair Business Banking, Global Education, the Football Club Group, International Freedom of Religion or Belief, Media Freedom, Bahrain, Belize, Brazil, the Falkland Islands, Mexico, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Republic of Korea, the Polar Regions, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Gibraltar, St. George’s Day, Park run, Polo, and the Armed Force

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