Joe Cullen, an English professional darts player who competes in PDC competitions, was born on July 13, 1989. In his early career, he won three Youth Tour tournaments and earned twelve times for the PDC World Championship, winning only three times in the first round.

Cullen earned his first PDC Pro Tour victory in 2017 after reaching his first major quarterfinal at the 2016 UK Open. At the 2022 Masters, he won his first televised event. Cullen had a good showing at the 2010 UK Open.

He defeated Darren Latham and Mike Nott before losing in the final 64 against Mervyn King. He beat Phil Taylor in the last 16 of the John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic in Killarney later that year but lost in the quarter-finals to Colin Osborne.

Which College Did Joe Cullen Attend?

Joe attended The University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The University of Massachusetts is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Amherst College is a government research organization in Amherst, Massachusetts, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ only publicly-owned university.

Which High School Did Joe Cullen Attend

Joe attended Livingston High School in Livingston. Livingston’s high school days were not clearly captured, and so there is no data capturing more data on his high school.

Only his College days were were only given recognition. But he did attend the Livingston High School.


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