Joe DeCamillis is a well-renowned coach in the National Football League. The 56year old man born on June 29 1965 is currently the special team’s coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams. He has also been special teams coach for the New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, and Jacksonville Jaguars and served as special teams coordinator for other teams aside from his current team.

Joe was born in Arvada, Colorado, and had his High school education at the same. His life in sports, however, didn’t start in American football. He was into wrestling while in college and is quite highly rated in that career by the college.

His life in American football started right after college in 1988 with the Broncos. He has since been in the NFL especially with special teams for 3 decades which makes him a man with a lot of experience in that regard.

His career has had not been one without incidents. Notable amongst them is when he injured himself when the training facility of his then team Cowboys collapsed under heavy winds.

Which College Did Joe DeCamillis Attend?

Joe DeCamillis attended Wyoming university where his life as an athlete began and was an All-American for finishing 8th at the 1988 NCCA Division 1 Wrestling Championships.


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