Which College Did John Bonamego Attend?

John Frank Bonamengo is a senior coaching assistant at the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League ( NFL). He has an illustrious and long career as a coach in football. The 58-year-old was born on August 14 1963 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and attended high school at Paw Paw ( MI).

He started his career as a coach at Mount Pleasant (MI) HS as an assistant coach in 1987. He has since had a career in coaching spanning over three (3) decades.

He has had many roles in many teams over the period. He is thus, one of the most experienced coaches in the NFL. To be specific, he has been coaching for the past 34 years.

Some teams he has coached include Maine, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, and Central Michigan.

Some roles played at these teams also include Assistant special teams coach, Special teams coordinator, and head coach as well. Despite all this and coaching many professionals, he never played professionally.

Which College Did John Bonamego Attend?

The only football  John Bonamego played was in college. He was never drafted to play professionally.

The college he attended is Central Michigan. He went straight into coaching after completing college in 1987.

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