Boone is the grandson of former major leaguer Ray Boone and the son of former catcher and manager Bob Boone. He is the brother of All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner Bret Boone, the brother of former Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer Matt Boone, and the brother of former major leaguer Bret Boone. Aaron and Bret spent their childhoods in the Phillies clubhouse with other major league players’ sons, including Pete Rose Jr. Boone is a descendent of Daniel Boone, a pioneer.

Laura Cover, Boone’s wife, was a Playboy Playmate (Miss October 1998). Boone is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. Boone and Cover have two biological children and two adopted children.

In March 2021, Boone, who had open-heart surgery in 2009, had surgery to implant a pacemaker. Following the treatment, Boone was said to be “great” after being on the bench for two weeks.

Aaron Boone’s Adopted Children

  1. Jeanel
  2. Sergot

Aaron Boone worked for ESPN’s baseball coverage in 2012. Laura, his wife, went on a Highlands mission trip to Haiti, which had been devastated by a devastating earthquake two years before.

Laura Boone met a young Haitian boy called Jeanel while in Haiti. Laura and her church members were constructing a medical clinic, and some of the local kids would occasionally come to assist with the construction.

Later that year, Laura returned and met Sergot, Jeanel’s younger brother (SIR-go).
The biological parents of Jeanel and Sergot gave their consent for the Boones to adopt their children.

Aaron Boone’s Biological Children

  1. Brandon Boone
  2. Bella Boone

Aaron Boone’s biological son Brandon was born three years after the pair married in 2005. Bella Boone, his younger sister, was born four years later, in 2009.


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