The greatest rival of the Atlanta Braves is the New York Mets.

Specifically, the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets compete against each other in baseball’s National League (NL) East. Both teams are members of Major League Baseball’s National League (NL) East division, which includes the New York Mets. When it comes to football, the rivalry between the two clubs was particularly intense in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

As an expansion team in 1962, before the leagues were divided into divisions, the Mets joined Milwaukee’s Braves. When each league was broken into divisions in 1969, Atlanta was forced to join the National League West, led by Hank Aaron.

The Braves drafted pitching prospect Tom Seaver in the first round of the supplemental June draft in 1966. (20th overall). Baseball Commissioner William Eckert nullified the contract because Seaver’s college team had already played two exhibition games that year, despite Seaver not playing.

Seaver intended to finish his college career, but the NCAA judged him ineligible due to his pro contract. After Seaver’s father threatened a lawsuit against the Braves, Eckert ruled that other teams could match the Braves’ offer.

The Mets won his rights in a lottery among three teams prepared to match the Braves’ requirements (Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Indians). Seaver had a Hall of Fame career with the Mets, and his number was retired by the team.


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