Who Are Atlanta Braves Coaching Staff?

Success, they say does not come by chance; so is it in sports. For every sports individual/team to be successful there has to always be constant practice, correcting of mistakes, and building upon skills. This is the story of the Atlanta Braves.

The Atlanta Braves are an American professional baseball team in Atlanta metropolitan area. The name Braves originates from a term used for a Native American warrior in 1912. Although they adopted this name in 1912, the team’s franchise was established in 1871.

The team currently holds the 1st position in the National League East. In times like players are praised for their achievements. It is important to note there was an individual to guide the players to that victory.

Atlanta Braves Coaching Staff

This list brings to light the individuals responsible for guiding the players to such good times;


Name                                                                                 Position

  • Brian Snitker                                                             Manager
  • Walt Weiss                                                                Bench Coach
  • Rick Kranitz                                                               Pitching Coach
  • Kevin Seitzer                                                             Hitting Coach
  • Eric Young Sr.                                                            First Base Coach
  • Ron Washington                                                        Third Base Coach
  • Drew French                                                              Bullpen Coach
  • Sal Fasano                                                                  Catching Coach
  • Jose Castro                                                                Assistant Hitting Coach
  • Bobby Magallanes                                                     Assistant Hitting Coach
  • Chipper Jones                                                            Hitting Consultant
  • Jimmy Leo                                                                 Bullpen Catcher
  • Jose Yepez                                                                  Bullpen Catcher
  • Tomas Perez                                                              Batting Practice Pitcher

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