Samantha Montoyo is Charlie Montoyo’s wife, and they have two children together. Tyson and Alex, the couple’s two boys, are already adolescents and are the pride and joy of the family.

Their second son Alex was born with a rare cardiac condition known as Epstein’s anomaly, which affects the right side of his heart, according to information gathered from web sources.

As a result of this situation, the young Alex had to have open-heart surgery.

Charlie is a family guy who still maintains family photographs at his workplace to serve as a constant reminder of how lucky he is.

He sees images of his family every day. Montoyo was appointed as the Blue Jays’ manager in October after spending 21 years managing in the minor levels and most recently as the bench coach for the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s his first managerial position in the major leagues.

Montoyo has four picture collages of his boys, Alex, 11, and Tyson, 16, on his Toronto desk, as well as his wife, Sam, whom he met nearly 20 years ago when managing the Charleston RiverDogs.

However, Montoyo keeps one photograph concealed from view, a framed 4-by-6-inch portrait within his armoire. He claims he pulls the image out when no one else is around as a reminder to himself.

Alex is shown on a hospital bed in the critical care unit, just before his fifth birthday, with a torrent of tubes and IVs sprouting from his body and head. He’s sedated, with his mouth open and his eyes closed, and a calm expression on his face.


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