Who Are Mike Matheny’s Children?

Michael Scott Matheny (born September 22, 1970) is a Major League Baseball manager and a professional baseball player from the United States (MLB). He was a catcher with the Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Cardinals, and San Francisco Giants during his 13-year career in Major League Baseball. Later in his career, Matheny managed the Cardinals for seven years.

He won four Rawlings Gold Glove Awards as one of the most successful defensive players of his era. Matheny’s clubs won one NL pennant and three NL Central division championships during his tenure as manager.

Mike Matheny’s Children?

Mike is the father of five children. Tate Matheny, his first child is currently a member of the Boston Red Sox.  Mike Matheny is also engaged to Margaret Matheny who is a lifestyle YouTuber, and they have a kid named Ryker James.

Katie Harris, aka Katie Matheny, is Mike Matheny’s daughter and a Pilates trainer. Tyler Harris is Katie’s husband, and they have a baby child named Jax Harris.

Luke Matheny, the third kid of the retired baseball star, is the head coach of Westminister Christian Academy’s junior baseball team. Jake and Blaise Matheny, his younger kids, also played baseball in high school and at the collegiate level.

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