Who Are Terry Francona’s Children?

Terry Francon’s Children are Nicholas, Alyssa, Leah, and Jamie

Their Dad Terrence “Tito” Francona is the manager of the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball, a team based in Cleveland, Ohio (MLB). Previously, he served as manager of the Boston Red Sox, whom he guided to two World Series championships, bringing the franchise’s 86-year championship drought to an end. Since leaving the Philadelphia Phillies in 2004, Francona has managed the Boston Red Sox to their first title since 1918.

In 2007, he led Boston to a second World Series title, and he remained in that role until the end of the 2011 season when his contract was not extended.

When the Cleveland Indians hired Francona as a manager in 2013, they won the American League Championship. In August and September of 2017, he led the Indians to the greatest winning streak in MLB history: a 22-game run.

Leah Francona

Terence and Jacque Francona welcomed Elizabeth Francona into the world on January 27th, 1990. Has a sibling and two younger sisters. Her Father Terry is the Cleveland manager and a former big league baseball player who played at the University of Arizona and in Boston. She has a younger sister, Alyssa, who is a senior on the baseball team. In her life, she had a husband named Michael Rice.

Nicholas Francona

Nick Francona was born in the month of July in the year 1985. He was a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, and he had been working for the Mets as an assistant director of player development until they hired Callaway as their manager following the 2017 season.

Nick was a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s baseball team and spent time in the Cape Cod Baseball League before moving on to other endeavors.

Alyssa Francona

Alyssa Leanne Francona was born on April 7, 1987, in Tucson, Arizona. Besides having a father who is the manager of the Cleveland Guardians, she also has a brother who was a baseball player at Penn State. She has two sisters, one of which is a freshman on the squad, Leah.

Alyssa went to Pennsbury High School in Pennsylvania, where she graduated in 2008. She was a member of the softball and volleyball teams during her high school years. She served as the National Honor Society’s secretary for a number of years.

Jamie Francona

Jamie Francona was born in 1995. She is the youngest child of Terry Francona. She went to Brookline High School, where she was standout athlete in volleyball and basketball. She attended Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, California, where Terry Francona’s daughter was stationed.

As an intelligence officer while at the academy, she progressed through the ranks until she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Landon Miller is the man she is married to.


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