Cam Akers is an American football running back who plays for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams. He was born on June 22, 1999. (NFL). He was picked by the Rams in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft after playing college football at Florida State.

Who are the Parents of Cam Akers?

The parents of Cam Akers are Conni Akers and Angela Michael Neal.

Cam was born in Mississippi and grew up with her sister and family.

Meet Conni Akers and Angela Michael Neal

Cam’s parents have been supportive of their son’s progress as far as the NFL is concerned. They always grow a keen interest in their son’s performance on the field.

Akers’ parents and three other siblings, who were viewing from afar as he finished his first regular season, said they experienced every emotion…”It started in November when he scored his first touchdown and has since seen an increased role in the Rams’ offense.”

“Akers met adversity early and handled it maturely,” his parents declared. “Overcoming hurdles is something he has done since his childhood in Clinton, Miss., where he became a high school football legend in the state.”

No detailed information has been revealed about his parents’ personal lives.


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