Who Are Tony La Russa’s Children?

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa is an American professional baseball coach and manager. He is known in real life as Anthony Russa Jr.

The Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Bears, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays have all had Tony La Russa as a coach.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Oakland Athletics were among the teams Tony has managed since his debut in Major League Baseball in 1963.

Tony La Russa has won three World Series championships, six league championships, and twelve division championships in his career. Tony is the second-most successful MLB manager of all time.

During his previous marriage to Luzette Sarcone, La Russa fathered two elder children, Andrea and Averie; both of them are now adults. In 1973, La Russa and Sarcone divorced, and Sarcone was awarded full custody of their two kids. After his divorce from Sarcone became final, La Russa married Elaine Coker.

Who Are Tony La Russa’s Children?

Andrea Jeanine La Russa, Averie Jeanine La Russa, Bianca Kai, and Devon Kai are the names of Tony La Russa’s daughters. During her time with the Oakland Raiders, Bianca La Russia was a cheerleader. The specifics of Tony La Russa’s additional daughters are not made public.

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