The Toronto Blue Jays Coaching Staff are Charlie Montoyo, Dave Hudgens, Guillermo Martinez, Pete Walker, Mark Budzinski, Luis Rivera, Matt Buschmann, John Schneider, Alex Andreopoulos, Nevin Ashley, and Gil Kim

After their season ended last weekend, the Toronto Blue Jays are now in the offseason mindset. The front office has opted to take care of a few housekeeping tasks before the excitement begins, even though free agency won’t begin until after the World Series is over.

According to Kaitlyn McGrath, Ross Atkins indicated that the Blue Jays coaching staff will be called back for the upcoming season, while some of the coaches may have minor job title modifications.

This is significant news for the Blue Jays, who have a history of making personnel changes after a season in which they have underperformed. Montoyo made a few poor decisions this season, which frustrated supporters and altered the outcome of certain games. This left a little window open for an eventual replacement.

That implies that Pete Walker, Dave Hudgens, Guillermo Martinez, John Schneider, Matt Buschmann, and Mark Budzinski are all safe for the upcoming season, as well as Luis Rivera if they want to return.

Manager and Coaches           Position

Charlie Montoyo                      Manager
Dave Hudgens                       Bench Coach
Guillermo Martinez               Hitting Coach
Pete Walker                         Pitching Coach
Mark Budzinski                      First Base Coach
Luis Rivera                             Third Base Coach
Matt Buschmann                 Bullpen Coach
John Schneider                 Major League Coach
Alex Andreopoulos              Bullpen Catcher
Nevin Ashley                      Bullpen Catcher
Gil Kim                       Director Player Development


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