Who Found The ‘Alien’ Creature with Claws on Australian Beach?

Who Found The ‘Alien’ Creature with Claws on Australian Beach?

A man named Alex made a bizarre find on Australian beach land today, which was later revealed to be an Allien creature in a video he posted on his Instagram account.

According to the townspeople, a bizarre, alien-like creature has washed up on a prominent beach, leaving them speechless.

A strange monster discovered on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast this week looks to have a reptilian-like skull, flabby limbs, a long tail and claws and appears to be about the size of a small dog.

After discovering the creature on the edge of Cotton Tree beach during a morning beach walk, local resident Alex Tan decided to take a closer look.

The footage of his encounter with the mysterious animal was posted to his Instagram page, where he started making educated guesses about what it might have been. ‘

I think I’ve come upon something strange,’ he explained to the camera. ‘This looks like one of those things you see when someone claims to have discovered aliens,’ says the author.

Flies can be seen climbing on top of the thing and buzzing about it as Alex captures a look of it on camera while it is in motion.

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