Calvin Griffith is the founder of the Minnesota Twins. Calvin Griffith, the president of the Washington Senators, made the historic decision on October 26, 1960, to relocate his team to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, resulting in the formation of the “Minnesota Twins,” named after the two Upper Midwest towns where the team was founded.

For more than a century, the Griffith organization has been responsible for running the team in our nation’s capital, beginning with the legendary Clark Griffith’s appointment as manager in 1912. Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, Camilo Pascual, and Jim Lemon were among the players who joined the club after it relocated to Minnesota.

Who Is Calvin Griffith?

Calvin Robertson Griffith was born on December 1, 1911. He was often known as Calvin Griffith Robertson, was a Canadian-born American businessman and Major League Baseball franchise owner who lived in the United States.

As president, majority owner, and de facto general manager of the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins franchise of the American League from 1955 to 1984, he orchestrated the Senators’ relocation from Washington, D.C., to Minneapolis–Saint Paul in the autumn of 1960, resulting in the formation of the Minnesota Twins.

He was well-known for his commitment to the game as well as for his witty remarks. Calvin Griffith died on October 20, 1999.


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