Who Has The Most Touchdowns In Seattle Seahawks History? Meet Shaun Alexander – Record Holder Of Most Touchdowns In Seattle Seahawks History

The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football team founded on June 4th, 1974. The team is based in Seattle and competes in the National Football League.
Since the establishment of the team, it has had a lot of great players. Among these players is Shaun Alexander, who is at the top on the list of players with the most touchdowns in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander is a former American footballer. He was born in the year 1977, on August 30th. He grew up in Florence, Kentucky. He attended Boone County High School and the University of Alabama respectively.

He started playing football in high school. He continued to play at the University too.

Shaun was with the Seattle Seahawks from 2000 to 2007. During that period, he made a total of 112 touchdowns, making him the team’s player with the most touchdowns in history. The former footballer is married to Valerie Alexander. The couple has 10 children.

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