Who Is 10-year-old Xavier Lopez? What Happened To Xavier Lopez?

Xavier Lopez

Who Is 10-year-old Xavier Lopez?

The Lopez home in Uvalde, Texas, was filled with children’s laughter and music, much of it coming from 10-year-old Xavier Lopez, who was either cracking jokes or dancing cumbia.

Xavier’s family stated Tuesday that the laughter and grooving noises that once filled the air have been replaced by the sadness of a life cut short.

Felicia Martinez, the fourth mother, grader’s told reporters that her son was one of the victims of the shooting spree that took place at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday.

At school, Xavier loved sports like soccer and baseball, but he also loved art, according to Martinez, who called it his favorite subject.

Xavier was just a few days away from completing his final year of the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and was counting down the days until Flores Middle School opened its doors.

Robb Elementary School’s honor roll presentation on Tuesday seemed to bring him closer to achieving his goals than ever before. Xavier’s name was called, and Martinez was there to cheer him on.

Martinez had taken a photo of Xavier just hours before the tragic event. She told him she was proud of him and that she loved him before embracing him farewell.

She stated she had no idea it would be the final time she would see her son with whom she had such a special relationship.

What Happened To Xavier Lopez?

The shooting that took place at Xavier Lopez’s primary school in Uvalde on May 24, 2022, claimed the lives of 19 students, including 10-year-old Xavier Lopez.

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