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Who Is Andrew Symonds Father Ken Symonds?

Andrew Symonds was an Australian cricket. Symonds who was also an international cricketer passed away yesterday after a car crash accident on the outskirts of Townsville, Queensland. His death has been confirmed by his wife Laura Symonds who said”I was in total shock and thinking of only two children”.

Symonds played in all three formats as a cricketer where he plated as a right-handed,middle-order batsman and alternated between medium pace and off-spin bowling.

Who Is Andrew Symonds Father Ken Symonds?
Who Is Andrew Symonds Father Ken Symonds?

Symonds made his debut in 1993 when he played for Queensland. He played for other teams like Gloustershire, Kent, and Mumbai Indians during his domestic career. Symonds has won the world cup twice as he was popular for his excellent fielding skills.

Andrew Symonds Father Ken Symonds

Andrew was adopted at birth by his English parents Ken and Barbara Symonds. Andrew’s biological parents are believed to be of African Caribbean descent and other Scandinavian descent. His father Ken started to encourage him to play cricket as he began to show his sporting prowess at a young age.

“Dad was cricket-mad, He’d throw balls to me five or six days a week, before school, after school. And we’d play all sort of games inside the house with Ping pong games and Christmas decorations” Andrew said fondly as he recalled his father’s love for the game.

There is not much about Ken Symonds as Andrew didn’t state much information aside from his fond memories with him.


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