Romi Iris Charlotte is the daughter of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson who is originally called Carolina Louise Johnson.

Boris and Carrie Johnson have given their child the name Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson. The names Romy, Iris, and Charlotte were chosen as a tribute to the late moms of the prime minister and her aunt Rosemary, according to a post on Instagram by Carrie Johnson.

Who is Boris Johnson's Son Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson?
Who is Boris Johnson’s Son Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson?

Romy’s birth was made public by the couple on December 9. After the birth of their son Wilfred in April 2020, she is the prime minister’s second child with his third wife.

Boris Johnson will be scrutinized because of the upcoming vote of confidence in the UK parliament, which will take place this evening. He has been trending all day as a result of his decision to resign today.

Boris revealed the name while giving a speech at a vaccination clinic in Kent; Carrie later verified Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson as the baby’s full name in an Instagram post.

According to a tweet by Carrie, Charlotte was chosen to honor Boris’ mother, and Iris is the Greek word for rainbow. Carrie also disclosed that her daughter’s first name was influenced by her aunt Rosemary.


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