Meredith is a seasoned horse rider who has been known to test her skills at the Morisset-Lake Macquarie Agricultural Show over the course of several years.

Meredith, a resident of Wyong Creek, stated that she was looking forward to getting to know people from the Morisset neighborhood.

Ms. Meredith is currently enrolled at the Australia Catholic University in Sydney, where she is studying nursing for her second year.

What Happened to Elissa Meredith?

Elissa Meredith, an Australian jockey who is 27 years old, was thrown off her steed Starlink while competing in a race in Gunnedah, New South Wales.

Meredith was taken to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, thus the rest of the card was discarded as she was being transferred there.

“I understand Elissa did regain consciousness for a short time as she was being attended to by paramedic officers on track,” said Marc Van Gestel, head steward of Racing NSW.

However, after that she was put into a coma in order to stabilize her condition before being brought to the hospital.

The current situation is obviously very stressful for everyone involved, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Elissa will receive some good news soon.

Apprentice jockey Meredith has earned just under half a million dollars in prize money over her career, which includes 33 victories.

She has been riding for fewer than three years, and she was just getting started in the sport when she was beginning to really make her way.

Apprentice Elissa Meredith is being airlifted from Gunnedah to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, according to a tweet from NSW Jockeys, which can be found here. Elissa is in our prayers.


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