Who Is Hossein Mollaghasemi?

Hossein Mollaghasemi happens to be an ex-Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler who died just recently. He passed away today April 25, 2022. Hossein Mollaghasemi was known to be a former wrestler for Iran’s national team. He was known to be the kind of wrestler who competed in many wrestling competitions as a freestyle featherweight. He was born on March 15, 1933, in Tehran, Iran.

He received a silver medal in his honor in an amount of 62kg freestyle event at the 1957 World Championship. After some time he maneuvered to Greco-Roman wrestling and competed in the Summer Olympics in 1960 and 1964. Over there he finished fifth-sixth at the 1961-62 world championship.

He is also known to have led Iran’s Greco-Roman wrestling team to a victorious win in the 1974 Asian games with eight gold medals. When we come to his family background, he was known to be the nephew of Mahmoud Mollaghasemi who fetched a silver medal at the 1951 World Championship and a bronze medal at the Olympics in the year 1952.

Hossein Mollaghasemi
Hossein Mollaghasemi

How Did Hossein Mollaghasemi Die?

Hossein Mollaghasemi as a wrestler and a gold-silver medalist as well as world champion passed away today April 25, 2022. He was said to have passed away in a hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the age of 89 years old. He probably died out of old age.


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