Michael Manotoc is a Lawyer and the Second son of Imee Marcos. After his grandfather’s presidency, Michael Manotoc became the first Marcos to enroll in UP Law School.

Michael M. Manotoc works as an associate in the Corporate & Commercial/M&A Practice Group at Quisumbing Torres.

He participates in both the Competition Focus Group and the Industrial, Manufacturing & Transportation Industry Group.

He has six years of expertise advising domestic and foreign clients on a range of business issues, such as the formation of legal entities, issues related to conducting business, and the registration and reporting requirements for corporate entities.

General corporate and commercial law, including corporate compliance and governance, mergers and acquisitions, and investments, are the main areas of practice for Michael.

He has acted as a representative for global corporations in a range of sectors, including services, industrial manufacturing, financial institutions, healthcare, and media & telecommunications.

Michael Manotoc Personal Life

Michael Manotoc is married to Cara  Manglapus. His wife is the granddaughter of Raul who is an opponent of the Marcos regime.

Mia was born in March 2016 and is the daughter of Michael and Cara. Michael feels different than most fathers, who would be unhappy if their oldest kid was a daughter. “Having a girl as my first child makes me ecstatic.



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