Jeremy Hunt has a younger brother whose name is Charles, although this fact is unknown to a great number of people. For many years, Charles had a successful direct-mail business selling non-clothing textiles like sheets and blankets.

His company, Peacock Blue, hired Jeremy Hunt as its corporate secretary just as it was going through a sticky time. Following that, Jeremy extended a line of loan to his brother, declaring that it was “to assist him with his business.”

Who is Jeremy Hunt’s Brother Charles Hunt?

Charles “Charlie” Hunt is the chief executive of Sunderland’s Duvet and Pillow Warehouse.

If you Google him in the context of entrepreneurial, marketing, and business magazines, you’ll find that he’s been the subject of a feature article in the majority of those publications at one point or another.

In spite of this, he appears to be very evasive about the exact year that his company, Peacock Blue was established.

Charlie, Jeremy’s brother, was recently given the devastating news that he had sarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

Even though he has had wonderful care from the NHS and has been alive for almost three years now, the fight against his illness is still an uphill one for him and his family.


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