Joe DeCamillis is an American football coach who has had an experience in coaching over three decades now. He specialises in coaching special teams in the National Football League (NFL). He is in no doubt one of the most experienced coaches the NFL has.

DeCamillis is currently the special teams supervisor for the Los Angeles Rams team of the NFL. Before DeCamillis started his career as a special teams coach, he wrestled for the University of Wyoming where he attended college.

He was born June 29,1965 in Avarda, Colorado in the United States of America. Throughout his coaching career, he has coached the following teams;

  • Denver Broncos (1988–1992) as Special teams coach
  • New York Giants (1993–1996) as Special teams coach
  • Atlanta Falcons (1997–2006) as Special teams coach
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2007–2008) as Special teams coach
  • Dallas Cowboys (2009–2012) as Special teams coordinator
  • Chicago Bears (2013–2014) as Assistant head coach & special teams coordinator
  • Denver Broncos (2015–2016) as Special teams coordinator
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2017–2020) as Special teams coordinator
  • Los Angeles Rams (2021–present) as Special teams coordinator

Who is Joe DeCamillis’ Wife Dana DeCamillis?

Dana DeCamillis is the wife of Joe DeCamillis and the daughter of Broncos Ring of Fame head coach Dan Reeves. The couple have been married since July 16,1987 and have two children(Ashley DeCamillis and Caitlin DeCamillis).


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