Kathy Hochul whose real name is Kathleen Courtney Hochul is known to be an American lawyer and a political activist born on August 27, 1958, in Buffalo, New York in the United States. Kathy is known to serve as the 57th governor of New York since August 24, 2021. She has been known to be a member of the Democratic Party as well as New York’s first female governor at the time.

In the year 2007, she was known to have been appointed as Erie County Clerk after she was known to have served on the Hamburg town board. She had the appointment and election full term. She was even known to have been re-elected in the year 2010.

In the congressional elections of New York’s 26th congressional district where she was known to have been the first female Democrat to make such a representation for the district in 40 years. She was known to have served as a US representative for a period from 2011 to 2013.

She began her political career when she graduated from law school and started working for a Washington law firm at the time. She quitted and later opted to work as a legal counsel and a legislative assistant to US Representative John LaFalce and Daniel Moynihan.

William Hochul
William Hochul

Who is Kathy Hochul’s Husband William J. Hochul Jr.?

Kathy Hochul, a current governor of New York and a former congresswoman, was the county clerk of Erie County, New York, from 2007 until 2011. She got married to one William J. Hochul. They have two kids together. William is known to be an American lawyer who as well served as a US attorney for New York western district.



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