Who is Kazuki Kitamura and What Does he do?

Who is Kazuki Kitamura

Kazuki Kitamura is a Japanese actor who has received awards for Minazuki, Kyohansha, and Kanzen-naru shiiku.

Some of his awards include the CUT ABOVE Award for Excellence in Film at JAPAN CUTS, Osaka Movie Festival the best movie award, Nifty Movie Festival the best supporting actor award,

39th The Television Drama Academy Awards the best-supporting actor award, 53th The Television Drama Academy Awards the best-supporting actor award, DUCATI Most Powerful Most Beautiful Award2010

Kitamura was born on  July 17, 1969, in  Higashisumiyoshi Ward a town near Osaka, Japan.

He is most known for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill vol.1.” Kitamura has been married since 1993,  however, his marriage ended in divorce in 2012.

His son Shousei is also an actor. Kitamura remarried a non-celebrity in her mid-forties in 2019.

Kitamura’s specialty roles in  movies include Horseback riding, Karate, Martial arts(Japanese sword), Japanese traditional dance

What Does he do?

Kitamura is an actor and stunt man. He has been in the movies since 1991. He has been in over 100 grossing films both in Japan and internationally. Some of his movies include

Suspect X


Kill Bill: Vol. 1


Godzilla: Final Wars


Like a Dragon



Bootleg Film


Full Metal Yakuza

Nihon kuroshakai


Freeze Me

The Raid 2: Berandal




Man From Reno


Blade of the Immortal


Kill Bill: Vol. 2


Kill Bill: Vol. 1


Kill Bill: Vol. 2


Azumi 2


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