Tony Markward

Tony Markward is a business professional from the United States who is also the co-founder of Silas Wines. Markward is the spouse of Kim Ng, who was named general manager of the Miami Marlins in November, making her the first female Asian American general manager in Major League Baseball history.

Tony Markward Career

Tony, along with Todd and Frank, is a co-founder of Silas Wines. While visiting Calliope Vineyard in 2005 to select some grapes, lawyer Todd and software guru Frank ended up purchasing a 3-acre altitude micro-farm planted in 1985 in the primeval foothills of Mt. Hood. In honor of the typical Oregon woodland surrounding the vineyard, they named their hobby wine label “Silas,” which translates as “Man of the Woods.”

Markward’s great-grandpa, a merchant in Dubuque, Iowa, who created wine out of whatever fermented in his garden, was the person who first exposed him to the beverage.

Afterward, Markward worked for a food and beverage company, where he invested in a coffee company and prepped part-time in a restaurant kitchen.

Tony Markward Personal Life

Mr. Markward is married to Kim Ng, who is the highest-ranking female executive in Major League Baseball and the general manager of the Miami Marlins.


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