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Who is Kirill Shamalov, Son in Law of President Putin

Who is Kirill Shamalov

Kirill Nikolayevich Shamalov is a Russian businessman, Katerina Tikhonova’s ex-husband, and Vladimir Putin’s ex-son-in-law.


He served as the Russian government’s previous economic counselor. Nikolai Shamalov, a co-owner of Rossiya Bank and a close Putin confidante, is his father.

Shamalov was promised a slew of lucrative and privileged commercial deals totaling billions of dollars after marrying Putin’s daughter in 2013. At the age of 32, he became Russia’s youngest billionaire.

Sibur, a Russian petrochemicals corporation, with Shamalov as a director and part-owner. Shamalov owns a 21% share in the corporation, which is said to be worth $2 billion.

The price of the stake and the circumstances surrounding its acquisition are unknown. He bought a 3.8 percent share in the company (worth $388 million) for $100 shortly after marrying Putin’s daughter.

Sanctions against him and 23 other Russian citizens were imposed by the US in April 2018.

Shamalov had become a major shareholder in Sibur in less than 18 months after marrying Vladimir Putin’s daughter Katerina in February 2013 and joining the elite billionaire’s group close to Vladimir Putin.

A year later, he had received a billion dollar loan from Gazprombank, which was under US sanctions (EO 13662), and had purchased a 17 percent stake in Sibur from Gennady Timchenko, who was also under US sanctions (EO 13661)

Shamalov married Putin’s second daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, in February 2013 at Igora, a small ski resort near Sosnovo in the Leningrad Oblast.

Putin claims to have two grandchildren, although it’s unclear whether Tikhonova and Shamalov had any children together.

Shamalov and Tikhonova divorced in January 2018. He supposedly lost half of his fortune as a result of the split.

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