Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Mercedes. Hamilton was knighted in the 2021 New Year’s Honours and included in Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential persons in 2020.

In Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, Hamilton was born on the 7th of January, 1985. It’s unclear whether Anthony Hamilton, his father, is black or mixed-race; he has identified as black. Hamilton’s mother Carmen Larbalestier is White British and from Birmingham, making him mixed-race.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

He lived with his mother, Samantha, and Nicola, his elder half-sisters until he was twelve years old when his parents divorced.

When he was younger, Hamilton shared a home with both of his biological parents as well as his half-brother Nicolas, who is also a professional race car driver. Hamilton was reared as a Catholic.

When Hamilton was five, his father got him a radio-controlled automobile. The next year, Hamilton faced adult competition and came in second place at the national BRCA championship.

While racing at his local track, Hamilton was the only black child. He was subjected to racist insults. In exchange for his son’s good work in school, Hamilton’s father gave him a go-kart for Christmas when he was six.

Who is Lewis Hamilton in a Relationship With?

Lewis Hamilton, 37, appears to be unmarried and uninterested in a relationship at this time. Hamilton, on the other hand, has been single for a long time now.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and Angela Cullen, his physiotherapist, were rumored to be dating in early 2021. Rumors, on the other hand, were quickly put to rest. The fact that Angela is married and has children was quickly found.


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