Who Is Logan Daniel Reagan?

Logan Daniel Regan and two missing girls

Who Is Logan Daniel Reagan?

Logan Daniel Reagan is a young white man who is said to have been accused of being the brain behind the abduction of two children by the names of Emilee and Rylee.

The two girls by the name of Rylee and Emilee; 2 and 7 years old respectively were last seen playing and was said to be in grave danger.

Logan is said to be a white man who is believed to have a height of six feet, one inch tall and weighs about 250 pounds. Reagan has brown hair and hazel eyes.

The young man was last seen driving a silver, 2007 Toyota Tundra with an extended cab. The vehicle has a Texas license plate that has not yet been identified.

Police after receiving news on the abduction of the children issued an Amber alert which seemed to find the whereabout of the two children.

According to reports, the two children have been found and but the exact place where the two kids were found and with whom they were found still remains a problem.

Law enforcement officials are looking for the suspect Logan Daniel Reagan who they believe is connected with this abduction.

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