Who is Major Bill White?

Major Bill White, fully known as William James White was born on March 24, 1925, in New York, United States. He was known to be a devout and well-informed marine corps general in the United States. During his reign, he was awarded the Silver Star medal for some of the daring selfless roles he undertook to safeguard the best interest of his country.

Bill White became part of the Marine Corps in the year June 25, 1943. He was first inclined with Naval Aviation and graduated triumphantly in 1946. It was after that he had the opportunity as a lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

Williams medal was a result of how he played a significant role in protecting his colleagues who were on the field by putting in some tactical displays. It was a Korean conflict that was fought at the time.

His entire job career was mostly prioritized on his nature to safeguard the best interest of others by offering protective prowess. Sadly enough, White died on the 22  of November 2017.

Major Bill White Cause Of Death

After a brief encounter with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, he died on November 22, 2017, at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

Major Bill White Awards.

Bill made it and earned his fit as well. Bill as a result of his hard work, took so many awards to his credit. He won the Siver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and Purple.

Major Bill White Children

Will, Elena, as well as Stephen, White’s three children, are the result of his marriage to Andrea. The Whites attend Houston’s St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Major Bill White Wife

His wife’s name is called Andrea Ferguson.



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