Who Is Matty Co

Matty Co is a Tiktoker with the handle (@itsmattyco) who has 338 followers.

Why  Is Matty Co going Viral After Faking Lawsuit From Coldplay

Matty Co can be seen clutching a phony leal letter saying that his song was infringing on copyright in a video released to TikTok by the singer. According to the notification, it sounded identical to Coldplay’s “Clocks.”

Matty then starts to play both tracks in the video so that viewers may hear the differences, with most immediately deciding that the tunes sound nothing alike.

The fake legal documents

Matty revealed to his audience on March 15, 2022, that he had received a stop and desist letter from a company called “Capitol Music Group L.L.C.”

The only issue is that such a corporation does not exist in California.

“Capitol Music Group,” which has never represented Coldplay, and Warner Music Group, which released their song “Clocks,” is the entity Matt is referring to.

@itsmattyco SOS: help me out everyone. don’t have the funds to fight this lawsuit in court and anyone can tell it’s totally a different song. #popmusic ♬ original sound – matty co.


The band is not represented by “Capitol Music Group L.L.C.,” and the “lawyer” who “authored” the letter told The Daily Dot that she did not send the artist a cease and desist letter.

In his caption, the artist asks, “Help me out, everyone.” “I don’t have the financial resources to defend myself in court, and everyone can tell it’s a completely different tune.”

Many significant names in the music world took notice of the video, which has over 280,000 views.

“This is a sloppy photoshop job of a Jack Daniels C&D letter. One user noted, “It confuses TM and, utilizes incorrect typefaces, and at the bottom is JD’s address.”




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