Who is Michael Kay’s Wife Jodi Applegate?

Jodi Applegate was born in Pennsylvania but moved to New York to attend NYU.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in cinema and television from the university and went on to work for NBC and Fox in 1996, where she worked for over a decade.

Jodi Applegate – 6 Facts To Know About Michael Kay's Wife

In 2010, Applegate joined WPIX TV as a single news anchor.

She only lasted two years in the position, leaving in 2012 when she was ready to give birth to her first child via gestational carrier.

Applegate had asked WPIX to reduce her hours after maternity leave, according to the Daily News, but the station reportedly refused.

Applegate then decided to take a step back and resign from her position, despite the fact that it was a highly wanted one.

Applegate told The Daily News, “It was an all-or-nothing proposition.” “They offered me a new contract, but I decided that after so many years of putting my profession ahead of my life, it was time to focus on something else.

After meeting Jodi Applegate at the local Emmy Awards in New York, Michael Kay couldn’t stop gushing about her on his radio show.

Kay’s comments were brought to her attention by Applegate’s producer, and she called to taunt him about them, but when they hit it off, Kay pursued a relationship.

He proposed in 2010, and they married a year later at The Plaza. Kay was 56 years old when he married Applegate, who was 46 at the time, and the two had a lavish affair before marrying.

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