Papa Jim is more known for his roles in Danny Duncan’s videos, in which he does a variety of gibberish. Despite the fact that he works for a YouTube channel, he is a man in his 90s.

Papa Jim’s personal life is unknown, but we do know that he turned 92 last year and was the grandfather of Danny’s close buddy David Tomchinsky, who works for Duncan’s business as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager.

Papa Jim
Papa Jim

He is the grandpa of Daniel Duncan’s executive manager and social media manager, David Tomchinsky, a YouTuber.

People saw Daniel Duncan’s post earlier this week, in which he said, “Miss you father” and included a photo of Papa Jim.

People were stunned and couldn’t believe that this popular YouTube character was no longer with us. On social media networks, word of his death spread like a forest fire.

On Twitter, one of the individuals conveyed his heartfelt thoughts by writing Rest In Peace Daddy Jim. We shall remember you.

His work and memory will live on in our hearts forever. His relatives and friends, however, have not confirmed this.

How Did Papa Jim Become Famous?

Papa Jim became popular when his Grandson Danny Duncan usually shares hilarious and pranks videos on his YouTube Channel.


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