Who is Shaq Biological Father? Who is Shaquille O’Neal Stepdad?

Who is Shaq’s Biological Father?

Joseph Toney is the father of a former American basketball player who happened to be a sports analyst on the television program Inside the NBA.

He is said to have also been a basketball player who played for the high school team and was declared as the All-State guard..

After completing high school, Joseph was given a scholarship to study and play college football at Seton Hall but he couldn’t make it.

At age 19, Joseph was arrested on countless occasions for various crimes which included possession of drugs as well as forging of checks.

Joseph Toney’s height is only 6’1”, so he’s about 1-foot shorter than Shaq. He does, however, share the Los Angeles Lakers, Hall of Famer’s signature smile.Joseph and his son Shaq reunited recently and both have them are trying to relive all the lost moments.

Who is Shaquille O’Neal Stepdad?

Phillip Harrison is the stepfather of Shaquille O’Neal. He is a former career Army sergeant who started to take care of Shaq when he was just 2 years and was still an infant.

Phillip married Shaq’s mum Lucille. Harrison moved Shaq’s family to a military base in Germany.

He is said to have 2 children with his wife Lucille.

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