Stephen Kevin Bannon is a prominent figure in American politics and the media as well as has a background in investment banking.

During the first seven months of Donald Trump’s presidency, he was Trump’s chief strategist and senior adviser. He also worked as chief strategist for the Trump Organization.

He once held the position of executive chairman at Breitbart News and was a member of the board of directors of Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics company that has since gone out of business.

After leaving the White House, Steve Bannon became an advocate for insurgent candidates running for the Republican nomination for the primaries.

He has made it clear that he intends to establish himself as “the infrastructure, internationally, for the global populist movement.

” He was taken into custody in August of the year 2020 and charged with conspiracy to conduct mail fraud as well as money laundering.

Following his comments suggesting the execution of the FBI director and an infectious disease specialist in November of 2020, his Twitter account was banned.

Who Is Steve Bannon’s Ex-Wife Diane Clohesy?

Steve Bannon is now married to his third wife, Diane Clohesy. They tied the knot in 2006 and separated two years later in 2009.

The study states that during her most successful days, she worked as a model, creative director, and businesswoman. Steve Bannon has previously been married twice and has gone through both of those marriages that ended in divorce.

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