A punch video of Asain ladies is getting viral since it surfaced on the web.

This is the wrongdoing that is totally against Asian Americans that has been raised in New York and it went all around the world since the pandemic hit the world.

An NCO who is overall based and according to their reports right around 10,000 occurrences were on the records from the most recent two years.

Who is Tammel Esco?

Tammel Esco is a suspect being charged with attempted murder. According to the affirmed sources he has been captured on Friday in Yonkers, New York.

He made the racial changes at the Asina woman who is nearly 67 years old. Esco in the recording seen attempting to beat a lady inside a structure is likewise seen thumping ladies just multiple times.

What Has Tammel Esco Done?

Tammel Esco is charged with a hate crime in the brutal beating of a 67-year-old Asian-American woman caught on a surveillance video.

The appalling video shows the lady tumbling to the ground, with her assailant proceeding to more than once punch her after she’s down and groveling.

She endured draining of the mind, facial breaks, and various gashes to the head and face, Westchester County examiners said in a delivery.

She was recorded in stable condition at an area medical clinic.


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