With four World Series titles, the Oakland A’s have been, over the years, a storied franchise, thanks in no small part to their pitchers.

The team is said to have had some great pitchers who have shined bright over the past 40-plus years with some of them being; power pitchers, mean pitchers, and curveball pitchers, just to name a few.

Some great pitchers like Mike Moore, Ken Holtzman as well as Jim “Catfish” Hunter have contributed very immensely to the growth of the team leading to them winning many titles and championships.

Who is the Best Pitcher for the Oakland Athletics?

The best pitcher of the Oakland Athletics is Jim “Catfish” Hunter who is known as the face of A’s pitching as far as I’m concerned.

Jim “catfish” Hunter is said to won 161 games with the Oakland A’s and made the All-Star team four times. He is said to have had his least finish been fourth from 1972 to 1974 in Cy Young voting while winning it in 1974.  Hunter won 20 or more games four times in a row from 1971 to 1974.

Some Great Pitchers of The Oakland Athletics

  1. Jim “Catfish” Hunter
  2. Vida Blue
  3. Dave Stewart
  4. Bob Welch
  5. Dennis Eckersley
  6. Barry Zito
  7. Tim Hudson
  8. Mark Mulder
  9. Ken Holtzman
  10. Mike Moore

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