Who is the Former Minister of Transportation of Ontario Steven Del Duca?

Steven Del Duca

Steven Del Duca was the Former Minister of Transportation of Ontario from 2012 to 2018.

Steven Del Duca has a long history of great community involvement and a strong commitment to public service.

In a provincial by-election in September 2012, he was first elected to the Ontario Legislature. He is the Minister of Economic Development and Growth at the moment.

Steven Del Duca
Steven Del Duca


Del Duca obtained approval for the Highway 427 expansion less than two years after being elected to the Legislature, as well as $49.7 million for the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and $49 million for four new schools in Vaughan.

In June 2014, Del Duca was re-elected and appointed Minister of Transportation.

He was the fundraising chair for the 2008 Annual Vaughan Hospital Fundraising Gala, which collected over $1 million for the project, prior to his election as MPP.

In an op-ed in the Toronto Star in 2008, he called for a regional economic summit to help Vaughan and the surrounding communities deal with the global economic crisis.

He collaborated with officials from all levels of government, as well as community leaders and organizations, to create the Greater Toronto Region Economic Summit, which took place in May 2009.


Del Duca graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in law. He previously attended the University of Toronto and Carleton University, where he studied political science and Canadian history.

When his family relocated to Kleinburg in 1987, he moved to Vaughan for the first time. He and his wife, as well as their two daughters, now reside in Woodbridge.

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