Who is the Founder of Tennessee Titans? Meet Bud Adams

Bud Adams, the founder of Tennessee Titans, is one of the heroes in American football. He is well known to have made a gross impact in American football.

His demise was a sad story that affected America due to his immense contributions to football. It is quite unfortunate that great people in the American football are dying and leaving the American League.

Like Ralph Wilson, he was a veteran and c0- founder of American football. In materializing his football goals, he started managing the Houston Oilers. It was a team he founded in 1960.

He made a lot of contributions that helped the team to progress in the American Football League. Due to that, he led the team to win about 400 bowls.

However, he moved from the Houston Oilers to Tennessee Titans. The movement was fueled by the inaccessibility to the Houston Stadium. As a result, he founded the Tennessee Titans. He carried along with his magnificent managing tactics to Tennessee Titans. This is reflected in their performance in the league.

He was also co-founder of the American football league and part of the genius who merged the American Football League with the National Football League. So that teams could play in the NFL.

He will always be remembered for his good works. It is good that he has left a good legacy. Bud Adams is seen as a role model in American football. He and the other football genius has set the pace and foundation for American football to strive.

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