Baseball mascots Mr. Met and Phillie Phanatic are perennial contenders for the title 
of the sport’s most beloved characters.

Although the New York Mets’ initial mascot, Mr. Met, made his debut in 1964, 
several additional mascots have since captured the imagination of baseball fans. 

The popularity of the team has spread beyond Citizens Bank Park and into the city’s marketing and tourism efforts.

It’s awe-inspiring and surprising all at once. 

According to the organization, Phillie Phanatic memorabilia currently accounts for around 10% of overall retail sales at 
Citizens Bank Park, making him the Most Popular Mascot in Baseball.

Who is Phillie Phanatic?

Phillie Phanatic is the official mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies, a Major League Baseball franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With an extending tongue and a huge green and fluffy bipedal flightless bird, this character stands out.

He entertains the crowds at Citizens Bank Park during Phillies games with a variety of routines, and he also does public relations and goodwill events for the team. Phanatic is largely considered one of the finest ballpark mascots in North American sports, as well as one of the most recognized.

Dennis Lehman and the Philadelphia Phillies Promotions Director, Frank Sullivan, decided the team needed a mascot like the San Diego Chicken following the 1977 season. Acme Mascots, the company that designed the Phanatic, has connections to Jim Henson’s Muppets and was responsible for the design.

There is no number on the back of his shirt; instead, a star is sewn on there. As a nod to the team’s diehard followers, the figure was given the moniker Fan.


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