Who is Thorsten Legat and What Happened to Him?

Thorsten Legat was a midfielder in the German national team’s past. He spent the majority of his 15-year professional career in the Bundesliga, playing 243 games and scoring 15 goals for Bochum and Stuttgart (four).

Thorsten Legat was unfortunate enough to be engaged in a terrifying accident while driving, which would result in the loss of one of his testicles.

Thorsten Legat
Thorsten Legat

The 53-year-old former midfielder won the Bundesliga championship, the Cup Winners’ Cup, and the German Cup all while playing for Werder Bremen during his playing career.

However, he is also known for making news for controversial reasons after being taken to court for brandishing a samurai sword and frightening a group of teenagers, causing one of them to get an injury.

In addition, he was involved in a fight that sent a man to the hospital, and he was terminated from his position with Stuttgart Football Club for his racist behavior toward a teammate.

Legat also played for his native club Bochum, as well as Eintracht Frankfurt and Schalke, and he made a total of 243 appearances for all three teams.

Legat was scheduled to appear on the RTL TV diving show Turmspringen, but he was forced to withdraw after sustaining a painful injury during the show’s rehearsals.


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