Tiffany Cross, a political commentator, is one of the new weekend anchors filling in for ‘AM Joy’ on MSNBC.

Cross began her career in journalism as a producer for CNN twenty years ago. She subsequently worked for BET News as the Washington, DC bureau head and also served as the network’s Liaison to the Obama Administration.

She told The Washington Post that when she was younger, she had the ambition to be a “brown Murphy Brown.

Cross has a long history of working in the news media, despite the fact that The Cross Connection is her first enterprise of its kind.

She attended Clark Atlanta University to earn a degree in mass communications with a focus on television, radio, and film, and then went on to have a successful career in the profession after graduating.

She covered political themes at CNN, such as Capitol Hill, where she worked as an associate producer, and she also worked as a field producer for America’s Most Wanted and Discovery Communications.

Who is Her Husband?

Tiffany Cross is not married. On the internet, one cannot find any reliable sources that authenticate her marriage.

She hasn’t even acknowledged having an extramarital affair in recent years, to our knowledge. However, some people think she may be having an underground romance for reasons of discretion.


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