Tony La Russa is an American professional baseball head coach and manager who plies his craft in the Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox.

He is a big personality in the MLB and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014. The White Sox manager is a three-time World Series champion and a four-time MLB Manager of the Year.

Tony La Russa has captured six league championships and twelve division crowns in the Major League Baseball. With 2,765 victories under his belt, Tony La Russia is the second-most successful manager in MLB history.

Tony La Russa has married two times. In 965, Tony tied the wedding with hisLuzette Sarcone and they parted up in 1973. In addition to their son Anthony, Tony and Luzette also have two daughters, Andrea and Averie Russa.

Who Is Tony La Russa’s New Wife? Elaine Coker?

Tony married vows in December 1973 with Elaine Coker and they were blessed with two daughters: Bianca and Devon.

Tony La Russa and Elaine formed the Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation that helps abandoned and wounded animals.

The duo has two daughters together.

Tony La Russa has married two women: Luzette Sarcone and Elaine Coker. 
In both marriages, Tony La Russa was blessed with two daughters, totaling four daughters in all.

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