Who is Tyre Sampson and What Happened to him?

Tyre Sampson

Who is Tyre Sampson

Tyre Sampson, a 14-year-old from St. Louis County, died after falling from an amusement park ride in Orlando on Thursday night.

What Happened to him?

Around 11 p.m. Eastern time, Tyre perished after falling from the 430-foot Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park’s Imagination Pavilion. he died. He was visiting the amusement park with his football friends for spring break celebrations.

Tyre was an eighth-grader, was a straight A student who was looking forward to playing football this fall for the East St. Louis Flyers. He was also a member of the St. Louis-based youth football team, Bad Boyz, which was ranked nationwide.

Yarnell described him as a “really good, charismatic young man.”. “His friends and relatives will tell you, everyone engaged with the young man will tell you that he touched.”

“I like to call him a gentle giant. After hearing about what happened to him, we’re all heartbroken. Seeing him with that wide grin at the door is something I’ll miss. Tyre Wooten’s stepmother, Wendy Wooten, remarked, “He was a big fan of everyone.”

‘I think he was the next great thing coming out of St. Louis,’ said Yarnell of the musician.

“He was large in body, but in his heart, he was just a big kid,” Wooten said.

It is said that Tyre attended the City of Garden Montessori School in Saint Louis. Admins at the school issued a letter of sorrow to his family and friends.

Psychics will be on hand at the school on Monday to assist pupils and staff in adjusting to this unforeseen setback.

“I just appreciate him as my son,” Yarnell added. “I wish he was here right now so I could tell him how much I adore him.”

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