Charlie Montoyo is a professional baseball manager as well as a former second baseman. Charlie Montoyo has two children with his wife Samantha Montoyo. Tyson Montoyo is one of his sons or child.

He was then traded to Montreal on January 20, 1993. During his minor league games, he played a number of 1,028 minor league games batting. 266 with 38 home runs and 400 RBI.

His first managerial career was with the Tampa Bay organization in the year 1997. He was able to outscore Bill Evers by winning the Bulls’ all-time winningest manager with his 614th victory.

He was a candidate for the 2015 managing position with the Tampa Bay Rays as part of his coaching career, and he ended up as their third-base coach. Then, in October 2018, he replaced John Gibbons as the team’s new manager.

During his professional baseball career, he was a right-handed batter. At Louisiana Tech University, he played baseball. In 1987, he was drafted in the sixth round by the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tyson Montoyo
Tyson Montoyo Right

Who is Tyson Montoyo Charlie Montoyo’s Son?

Tyson Montoyo is the son of Charlie Montoyo and Samantha Montoyo. He happens to be the eldest among the two children. Tyson’s junior brother is Alex Montoyo. There is not much information about Tyson however Tyson is known to be attending school four days a week.



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