Tytyana Miller was the daughter of Percy Robert Miller popularly known as Master P and Sonya C.Miller.She was born on June 15, 1992. Miller rose to fame by appearing on Growing Up Hip Hop which was a television personality show. She was a celebrity child and was often in the limelight.

Miller was in Hollywood as an actress and cameoed in several films including Caretta Jone’s 2010 film “Mother Choice”.She also modeled on Instagram where would regularly pose in photoshoots for fashion designers and popular cosmetic brands such as LaQuan Smith. But with all these, she was mostly known as the daughter of rapper and entrepreneur Master P and brother of American rapper Romeo Miller,32.

Who Is Tytyana Miller? Why Is Tytyana Miller Popular?
Who Is Tytyana Miller? Why Is Tytyana Miller Popular?


Why Is Tytyana Miller Popular?

Tytyana is trending today and has become popular as she passed away in the early hours of today Monday, May 30, 2022. She passed at the age of 29. The cause of death of the late actress has been revealed to be as a result of substance abuse and mental issues. Tytyana told the panel on the Growing Up Hip Hop show that she started taking drugs when her parents divorced to ease the pain of their separation in her life.

She also spoke about how entering a rehab center would not make any difference but she was said to be fine due to the help of her family and especially her brother, Romeo Miller.

Both her father and brother Romeo shared similar posts about her passing on their social media pages with fans pouring in their condolences and tributes.



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