Vanessa Feltz is an English television personality, broadcaster, and journalist. She has appeared on various television shows, including Vanessa (1994–1998), The Big Breakfast (1996–1998), The Vanessa Show (1999), Celebrity Big Brother (2001), The Wright Stuff (2003–2005), This Morning (2006–present), and Strictly Come Dancing (2013).

For the Jewish Chronicle, Feltz was the first female columnist; she then moved to the Daily Mirror. What Are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples? was the title of her first book at this time.

Vanessa Feltz and Michael Kurer
Vanessa Feltz and Michael Kurer

At The Big Breakfast on Channel 4, Feltz took Paula Yates’ place as a regular guest presenter, interviewing celebrities while reclining on a mattress.

Rolf Harris allegedly assaulted her as she was interviewing him on the show, according to the woman. The satirical TV show Brass Eye conned Feltz in 1997.

As a magistrate, she presided over cases beginning at the age of 28 until being requested to step down when the accused recognized her from her television appearances.

Vanessa, an ITV daytime talk show hosted by Anglia Television, was hosted by her. After receiving an estimated £2.7 million for hosting a show comparable to hers at the BBC, she made the shift in 1998. She had her show axed by ITV in favor of Trisha.

Who is Vanessa’s Husband Michael Kurer?

Vanessa Feltz married Michael Kurer in 1983. After graduating from the University College London Medical School and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London in 1982, he became licensed to practice medicine.

They named their children Allegra and Saskia and raised them together. When Vanessa discovered that Michael had been having an affair with a younger coworker, unfortunately, this led to the dissolution of their marriage. When this event occurred, their children were 10 and 13 years old respectively.

Vanessa Feltz and Michael Kurer divorced in 2000. He is currently operating at North Middlesex University Hospital in his capacity as a surgeon.


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