Viktor Oleksandrovych Zvyahintsev was born on 22 October 1950, he was a Ukrainian football player. He was a member of the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic’s football congress.

Zvyahintsev made his debut for the Soviet Union against Switzerland in a UEFA Euro 1976 qualification on October 12, 1975. (USSR did not qualify for the final tournament).

Viktor Zvyahintsev
Viktor Zvyahintsev, a former Ukrainian football player, died on April 22nd, 2022. At this moment, the reason for his death remains unknown.

Viktor Zvyahintsev died on April 22nd, 2022, his death was revealed through a social media post, at this moment, the reason for his death remains unknown.

They did, however, leave behind a legacy of fond memories, and those who knew him will deeply miss him. Friends, family members, and coworkers revealed the untimely death of his loved ones with a sad heart and a great feeling of grief.

Many people adored him, and he will be much missed by those who knew him. Everyone will miss him! His friends and family members have expressed their sorrow over this passing. Concerned individuals have rushed to social media with honors to the dead as well as condolences for his bereaved relatives in that mourning attitude.

Viktor Zvyahintsev won many trophies, including the Soviet Cup winner in 1980 and an Olympic bronze medal in 1976.


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